• Integral Mandrel Sleeve Stabilizers

    Integral Mandrel Sleeve Stabilizers Integral mandrel sleeve stabilizers are made in two parts: One mandrel and one sleeve. The assembled by screwing the sleeve on the body and tightening these on the ..

  • Tubulars and Drilling String

    We provide a variety seamless and welded petroleum industry tubulars per the quality standards of : API 5CT、API 5B、API 5DP、API 5L、ISO and any other applicable standards.1. Casing Size: 4-1/2” to 30”Gr..

  • Kelly Spinner

    Kelly spinner is used for rotating drill pipe slowly, for limited rat hole and mouse hole drilling, and for making fast Kelly connections. This unit is completely reversible, the driller can spin out,..

  • Spinning Wrench

    Air Safety Spinning WrenchAir safety spinning wrench is a pneumatically powered tool for spinning drill pipe from 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 inch OD. Using the proven principal of frictional drive contact, the sp..

  • Safety Clamp

    MP Multi-Purpose Safety ClampThe MP Multi-Purpose Safety Clamp provides safe handling of all types of flush joint pipe, liners, and drill collars during make-up, break-out and setting through the rota..

  • Bushing

    Master Casing BushingMaster casing bushing selection chartSizeMPCHMSPCMSP/MDSPCompleteBody   OnlyCompleteBody   OnlyCompleteAPI Standard 27   1/2--1804-11808-15429-1EMSCO T-27..

  • Torque Control System

    Torque control system is a torque measure & control equipment, matching with hydraulic power tong, make-up and break-out unit, etc.No hydraulic oil is needed thanks to torque transducer adopted.Ma..

  • Hydraulic Make-up and Break-out Unit

    Hydraulic Make-up/Break-out Units is a kind  of machine for making up and breaking out  thread joint, which is suitable for assembly  and disassembly of downhole pump, downhole tools. t..

  • Tubing and Sucker Rod Power Tong

    Tubing Power TongTubing power tong (Inner curved cam clamp)  is used for quick make-up/ break-out in well service operations. The tong is equipped with hydraulic backup tong and use inner curved ..

  • Casing Power Tong

    Casing power tong is used for make up and break out for casing operation. It has greatly reduced the labor of worker, enhanced connection quality of thread and diminished accidents in inapporpriate ca..

  • Drill Pipe Power Tong

    Drill Pipe power tong is an ideal well head tool for oil drilling, widely applied for making-up and breaking-out in offshore and onshore drilling operations and well servicing operations. The drill pi..

  • Hydraulic Power Unit

    Hydraulic power unit mainly is to supply hydraulic source for power tong. It also can cooperate with other hydraulic equipments. The power unit feathers such advantages as wide adjusting range, conven..

  • Unions

    High pressure union is forged and made of high strength alloy steel with imported word-class technology. Strict heat treatment ensures uniform metallographic structure and bearing capacity in the conn..

  • Plug Valves

    Plug valve is a necessary part that is applied to high pressure manifold in well cementing and fracture service, also selected for HP fluid control system. It is excellent for its compact structure, e..

  • Check Valves

    Check valve effects seal between valve cartridge and body by fluid pressure, the higher the fluid pressure, the better seal effected. The chamber could contain pressure in pipes all the time. The body..

  • Butterfly Valve

    Size: 2”~12”Wafer typeLug type..

About Us

KINGRIG GROUP LTD is a leading provider of equipments, services and solutions to the upstream and downstream in oil & gas industry. We are aimed at helping Customers to obtain the maximum from their each well. Provide our customers superior quality at the best value for products and services in order to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction. .

Our main range include but not limited below:

1). Rig components: Crown block, Travelling block, Hook, Swivel, Rotary table, Drawwork, Driller's cabin, MCC/SCR house, MCC/VFD house, Top drive...

2). Wellhead & Pressure control equipments: BOP, Diverter, Choke & Kill manifold, Pressure hoses, BOP closing unit, Casing & Tubing head, X-Mas tree, Valves, Spools and flanges...

3). Solid control & Mud system equipments: Shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, Mud cleaner, Hopper, Centrifuge, Agitator, Mud tanks, Unions...

4).Tubulars & Drilling strings: Drill pipe, HWDP, Drill collar, Kelly, Casing, Tubing, Pup joint, Sucker rod, Line pipes...

5). Tubular handling tools: Elevator, Slip, Manual/Power tong, HPU, Bushing, Spinner, Bit breaker, Spider, Links, Stuibing guide...

6). Downhole/Fishing tools: Drilling & Fishing jar, Stabilizers, Hole opener, Overshot, Drilling bit...

7). Cement tools: Cement unit, Float collar, Float shoe, Liner hanger, Cement head...

8). Others: Air winch, Drilling line, Safety equipments, Mud pump spare parts, Fittings...

9). Commissioning and other services.

Most our products are China made and 100% interchangeable/equivalent with Western designed.
Quality Control:
Quality admits no compromises. For this purpose, We exercise strict control on the starting materials, We ensure our equipments are manufactured to the international standards, Producing per API, ISO or/and other applicable quality standards. We accentuate QA and QC monitoring & control processes to guarantee the quality,  Our efforts is for providing the Customers with the peace of mind that when the equipment arrives on location, it is ready to go to work, and it will perform reliably.
After-Sales Service:
Our after sales service, including equipment installation and rig up support, operational training, warranty interface, and supply of technical service and spare parts. Our highly skilled technicians travel worldwide to provide equipment training, commissioning and service, We are available in 24/7.
Our mission:
Our mission is to provide our customers' superior quality at the best value for products and services with the active participation of all of our personal in order to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction.
Our vision:
Our vision is to welcome and understand the requirements and necessities of the global work practices by building solid relationships with our partners for a lasting success. We would like to achieve continuous success through a multi-cultural organization by providing top quality services by abiding to ethical work conditions.

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