Drill Pipe Power Tong

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Drill Pipe power tong is an ideal well head tool for oil drilling, widely applied for making-up and breaking-out in offshore and onshore drilling operations and well servicing operations. The drill pipe tong features safety, labor-saving, and high-efficiency. Open-throat design of the ZQ series allows the tongs to escape from drilling pipe freely with high mobility. The tong is a combination of spinning tong and torque tong. It substitutes cathead, manual tong and rotary rope in making-up and breaking-out. The tongs are designed and manufactured according to industrial standard SY/T5074 and API Spec7K “Specification for Drilling Equipment”

ZQ127-25ZQ127-25 YZQ162-50ZQ203-100ZQ203-125ZQ162-50 IIZQ203-100 IIZQ203-125 II
Size rangMmɸ65-127ɸ65-140ɸ85-162ɸ127-203ɸ127-203ɸ85-162ɸ127-203ɸ127-203
In2   3/8“-3 1/2“2   3/8“-5 1/2“2   3/8“-5“3   1/2“- 8“3   1/2“- 8“2   3/8“-5“3   1/2“-8“3   1/2“-8“
Max. torqueKN.m25255010012550100125
Speed  (H)rpm6565604040604040
Speed  (L)rpm10.510.
Air pressureMpa0.5-1
Pressure ratingMpa12161616.6201616.620
Flow ratingL/min120120114114120114114114
Shifting distanceMm10001000100015001500100015001500