Kelly Spinner

Kelly spinner is used for rotating drill pipe slowly, for limited rat hole and mouse hole drilling, and for making fast Kelly connections. This unit is completely reversible, the driller can spin out,

Spinning Wrench

Air Safety Spinning WrenchAir safety spinning wrench is a pneumatically powered tool for spinning drill pipe from 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 inch OD. Using the proven principal of frictional drive contact, the sp

Safety Clamp

MP Multi-Purpose Safety ClampThe MP Multi-Purpose Safety Clamp provides safe handling of all types of flush joint pipe, liners, and drill collars during make-up, break-out and setting through the rota


Master Casing BushingMaster casing bushing selection chartSizeMPCHMSPCMSP/MDSPCompleteBody   OnlyCompleteBody   OnlyCompleteAPI Standard 27   1/2--1804-11808-15429-1EMSCO T-27

Torque Control System

Torque control system is a torque measure & control equipment, matching with hydraulic power tong, make-up and break-out unit, etc.No hydraulic oil is needed thanks to torque transducer adopted.Ma

Hydraulic Make-up and Break-out Unit

Hydraulic Make-up/Break-out Units is a kind  of machine for making up and breaking out  thread joint, which is suitable for assembly  and disassembly of downhole pump, downhole tools. t

Tubing and Sucker Rod Power Tong

Tubing Power TongTubing power tong (Inner curved cam clamp)  is used for quick make-up/ break-out in well service operations. The tong is equipped with hydraulic backup tong and use inner curved

Casing Power Tong

Casing power tong is used for make up and break out for casing operation. It has greatly reduced the labor of worker, enhanced connection quality of thread and diminished accidents in inapporpriate ca

Drill Pipe Power Tong

Drill Pipe power tong is an ideal well head tool for oil drilling, widely applied for making-up and breaking-out in offshore and onshore drilling operations and well servicing operations. The drill pi

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