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Check valve effects seal between valve cartridge and body by fluid pressure, the higher the fluid pressure, the better seal effected. The chamber could contain pressure in pipes all the time.
The body is made of forging alloy steel, with superior mechanical property, pressure endurance, safety and reliability.
Bonnet is connected with valve body with bolts. It has seals on bonnet and inner wall of body. Fitting space between bonnet and body is designed to zero so
as to minimize loading on bolts and corrosive of bolts and holes.

Carbide sealing surface has good anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance, the material of valve cartridge is fabricated of anti-sulfide steel, the other parts is made with hardness limiting method, the valve is suitable for H2S service.
Main Technical Parameters:
Working Pressure: 2,000 ~ 15,000psi                                     
                          Nominal Bore Diameter: 2-1/16” ~ 7-1/16”
Working Medium: crude oil and natural gas