AC Variable Frequency Motor Driven Drawworks

AC Variable Frequency Motor Driven Drawworks
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Design Features of AC Variable Frequency Motor Driven Drawworks:

Bearings are roller ones and shafts are made of alloy steel.
●On the drum there is a spiral groove.
●Auto feed driller.
●The main brake is of hydraulic disc type. The disc brake is water or air cooled.
●The auxiliary brake is of motor dynamic braking.
●Single shaft drawworks.
●Transmission is made by two-stage gear reducer and shifting-gear is manual done.
●The gear is pressure lubricated.

Specifications of VFD Single Shaft Drawworks:

Nominal drill depthmФ114mmdrill pipe2500-40003500-50004500-70006000-9000
Ф127mm drill pipe2000-32002800-45004000-60005000-8000
Rated powerkW (hp) 720144022003300
Number × Rated Power (kW) of motorskW 1 ×7202 ×7202 ×11003 ×1100
Rated Power of motorsr/min 601600661661
Dia. of wire linemm (in) 32 (1-1/4)35 (1-3/8 )38 (1-1/2 )45 (1-3/4)
Max. pull of fast linekN 275340485630
Drum (Dia× Length)mm (in) 640×1139 (25-1/4 ×44-7/8 )685×1138 (27×44-7/8 )770×1439 (30 ×56-5/8)914×1556 (36 ×61-1/4)
Brake rim (Dia× width)mm (in) 1500×76 (59 ×3 )1500×76 (59×3)1520×76 (59 3/4)1800×76 (70 7/8 ×3)
Power of Motor for Auto DrillerkW (hp) 45(60)45(60)45(60)45(60)
Transmission Mode
 one-reduction single-pinionone-reduction double-pinion drive ;two-reduction double-gearbox drivetwo-reduction double-gearbox drivetwo-reduction double-gearbox drive
Auxiliary brake 
Motor dynamic brakingMotor dynamic brakingMotor dynamic brakingMotor dynamic braking
Overall dimension (L×W×H)mm 4230×3000 ×26304360×3205 ×28257886×3298 ×26959300×3300 ×3100
Weightkg 18600260004750065000