Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables
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Design Features:

The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel.
▋The split type master bushing is made from a steel casting. Two transmission types (Kelly and pin) are available.
▋Pin transmission type is suitable for API standard square Kelly or hexagonal Kelly roller bushing. Long and short slips are applicable.
▋With API casing bushings and special sling.
▋Effective lubrication and reliable seals.
▋The rotary tables conform to API specification 7K and are stamped with API monogram.

Specifications of Rotary Tables:



Model ZP175ZP205ZP275ZP375ZP495
Dia. of openingmm (in)444.5 (17-1/2)520.7(20-1/2)698.5 (27-1/2)952.5 (37-1/2)1257.3 (49-1/2)
Table axis to center inner row sprocket teethmm (in)1118(44)1353(531/4)1353(531/4)1353(531/4)1651(65)
Max. static loadkN13503150450058507250
Max. working torqueNm1400023000280003300037000
Max. speedr/min300350250300300
Gear ratio 3.583.223.673.563.93
Overall dimension(L×W×H)mm1935×1280 ×5852292×1475 ×6682392×1670 ×6852468×1810 ×7182940x2184x813