Hook Block Assembly

Hook Block Assembly
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Design Features:
▋Joining the travelling block and the hook together reduces overall length to satisfy the requirements of a top drive.
▋The shafts of travelling block are forged with alloy steel and provided with a lubrication hole of bearing for one sheave.
▋The grooves of sheave are intermediate frequency quenched so as to improve the surface hardness and prolong the service
life of wire rope.
▋The sheaves are equipped with double-row conic roller bearings. Each bearing has its own lubrication channel.
▋There is a reliable safety device at the hook.
▋The primary-load-carrying parts of hook are subject to NDE test.
▋The hook block assembly conforms to API Spec. 8A /8C and are stamped with API monogram.

Specifications of Hook/Block Assembly:


Model YG90YG135YG170YG450
Max. hook loadkN900135017004500
O.D.of sheavesmm (in)762(30)915(36)915(36)1524(60)
Number of sheaves4456
Diameter of wire linemm (in)26(1)26(1)29 (11/8)38 (11/2)
Major-hook openingmm (in)155(61/16)165(61/2)180(7)220(85/8)
Major-hook Dia.mm (in)116(41/2)140(51/2)150(6)180(7)
Minor-hook Dia.mm (in)80(31/4)90(31/2)90(31/2)120(43/4)
Overall dimension (L×W×H)mm2908×806×5333195×960×6163294×960×7134887×1600×880